Learning a new language might take a lot of effort and hard work. Still, owing to technological advancements, language learners now have access to various mobile applications that make studying on the move easier than ever. With the correct mobile applications, language learners may advance their French abilities wherever they are and whenever it suits them because French is a language that is widely spoken and in great demand. The top mobile applications for busy language learners who want to study French on the go will be discussed in this article.

1.    Duolingo

There’s a solid reason why the smartphone programme Duolingo is so well-liked for learning French. It offers a gamified method of teaching languages, making it an enjoyable and interesting process. The programme is divided into bite-sized courses that include listening comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Integrating language learning into a hectic schedule is simple because the sessions are made to be finished in only a few minutes each day. As users advance through the stages and receive points and badges for their efforts, Duolingo also gives them a sense of success.

2.   Babbel

The language learning software Babbel provides an organised and thorough method to learn French. It includes every facet of language acquisition, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Babbel’s classes are designed to be practical, offering students the vocabulary and expressions they need to speak in everyday circumstances. The software also uses speech recognition technology to assist learners in pronouncing words correctly.

3.   Memrise

With flashcards, the software Memrise, users may memorise French words. The programme provides a selection of French lessons covering fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The mnemonic techniques and pictures on the flashcards aid in helping students recall the terminology. Additionally, Memrise has a function called “Difficult Words” that aids students in concentrating on the words they find difficult.

4.   Lingodeer

A language-learning programme called Lingodeer uses a methodology similar to Duolingo. It offers a gamified experience and has courses that may be finished daily in a short amount of time. All facets of language acquisition are covered by Lingodeer, including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. The software also uses speech recognition technology to assist learners in pronouncing words correctly. The correct stroke sequence for writing Chinese characters is one of Lingodeer’s distinctive features; this is also helpful for students who are interested in learning other languages.

5.   Rosetta Stone

A well-known language study software with a long history is Rosetta Stone. The app provides a selection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced French classes. Rosetta Stone employs a natural method of language instruction that immerses students in the language and combines visual and aural clues to impart knowledge. For an extra cost, the programme also offers live online tuition sessions.

6.   Busuu

Busuu is an app for learning languages that incorporate social learning. Students may communicate with native French speakers and get criticism on their writing and speaking abilities. Additionally, the app provides various engaging, interactive courses covering every facet of language acquisition. The courses on Busuu are intended to be finished in a short amount of time each day, making it simple to incorporate language learning into a busy schedule.

7.    HelloTalk

With the help of the language exchange software HelloTalk, students may communicate in French with native speakers and improve their language proficiency. The software has a chat feature that enables users to text, phone, or conduct audio or video calls and send and receive voice messages. Additionally, HelloTalk has a correction option that aids students in expanding their vocabulary and grammar.


In conclusion, the variety of mobile apps that are now readily available makes studying French while on the move easier than ever. These applications offer an easy and simple approach to developing your French language abilities, regardless of your level of fluency. These applications provide distinctive elements that appeal to various learning methods and interests, from gamified classes to social features. You may advance in learning French and become fluent quickly by adding these applications to your everyday routine. Therefore, pick the app that best meets your requirements and begin learning French on the move right now!

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