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Une histoire de Noël

You need to dowload the Hyperstudio plugin (5.5 MB) in order to view the projects in your browser. Most computers already have Quicktime and DirectX which are also required.

You can also dowload Hyperstudio Viewer (1.61 MB). You can then save the projects and view them from your computer. Right-click on the links and choose "Save target as ...". This seems to be a more stable option.

Some files are larger than others. You may need to be patient!

Cole et Adrian (145 KB)


Tessa et Niamh (128 KB)


Leo and Nathan (74 KB)


Maddie et Nelly (189 KB)


Rachael et Dylan (224 KB)


Richard et Sean (38 KB)


Sadie et Claire (112 KB)


Sam et Ky-vinh (159 KB)


James et Dylan (415 KB)


Daniela et Eva (133 KB)


Jordan et Scott (415 KB)


Jordan et Kimberly (159 KB)


Jaime (136 KB)


Katie et Carissa (112 KB)


Justine et Sasha (183 KB)