ezHTMLarea - Free Virtual WYSIWYG Web Editor / HTML Editor

Create web pages using this free web based wysiwyg authoring application

Welcome to ezHTMLarea for Internet Explorer 5.5+

Create/edit HTML content from your browser! No programming necessary.
If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use ezHTMLarea!
It's as easy to use as Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

Open and Save your web page on your computer.
Select one of the templates or copy parts of a web page for a quick start.
Spell check your work with the multilingual spellchecker.
Right click popup menus inside ezHTMLarea make it look and feel like a Windows based HTML content editor.
• Double-click on images, lines, tables, highlighted words for more options.
Upload your pages on the internet with the integrated FTP client.

Note: ActiveX needs to be enabled in order to use the Open/Save functions. See instructions.

I would like to thank Luis from WEBstationONE for his generosity. Without his help, I couldn't have put this tool together. Pierre Renaud

Launch ezHTMLarea:

This fun tool was created with the Open Source project htmlArea
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