The functions are now descibed in the status bar as you go over the buttons. In Internet Explorer, click on View and select Status Bar.

You need to enable ActiveX in order to use the Save function.

Enabling ActiveX Controls:

1.- On your browser's toolbar, click on Tools/Internet Options and select the tab labeled as Security.
2.- Select the green icon that reads Trusted Sites and click on the Sites button.
3.- At the prompt of the following window, write http://fslactivities.ca in the box labeled as Add this Web site to the zone and click on Add.
4.- Un-check the box that reads Require server verification (https://) for web sites in this zone and click OK.
5.- Now, click on the button labeled as Custom Level and, from the next window enable the 5 ActiveX settings.

Note: Some antiviruses might prevent ActiveX controls to run.