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What is FSL? It stands for French as a Second Language which would be FLS in French - Français Langue Seconde. However, depending on where you live, it may also be called Core French, French as a Foreign Language (FFL) or Français Langue Étrangère (FLE).

Who am I? Well, my name is actually Pierre Renaud and I have been a French teacher since 1990. A few people asked me why I use M. Renaud instead of P. Renaud in the title. As most of you know, M. stands for Monsieur.

I first created "FSL Activities with M. Renaud" in 1996 when I was teaching at Connaught P.S. in Ottawa, Canada. It started as a classroom activity that grew much bigger over the years. In 2001, I moved to Victoria (British Columbia) where I taught French immersion and technology at École Margaret Jenkins School. I moved to Ottawa in 2008 where taught at Manordale Public School for four years. In 2012, I started a new assignment at Elmdale Public School. I hope to continue providing students, parents and educators with a wide variety of resources that will help learn and teach French.


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Tips: Tips on how to help your child learn French at home.

Links: Great collection of French websites. So far, there are about 500 sites. The links are divided according to the BC curriculum.
Activities: Area where you can practice your French online. There are many quizes that will help you improve your skills. It is divided into 3 sections: Beginners.Easy and Intermediate.Have fun!!
Printouts: Many activities that you can print:
word searches, double-puzzle, criss-cross - board games, bingo games, songs and poems with MP3 files.
Showcase: Sample projects from the classroom.
News: Information related to my class.

Awards: You can read about some of the awards that this site won in recent years.

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M. Renaud - French teacher